You’re Dead! by Flying Lotus

By Bdog

If you’re a jazz person but lament that jazz has gone the way of classical and doesn’t push boundaries that it used to then you need to hear Flying Lotus.

Steven Ellison (the genius behind Flying Lotus) creates a jazz-fusion of hip hop, R&B, techno & funk which is more breath-takingly beautiful and trippy that it is gritty. Ellison has brilliant taste in musicians as well bringing in Herbie Hancock, Ravi Coltrane (son of John C.), rappers Kendrick Lamar & Snoop Dog and frequent collaborator and world class bassist Thundercat. “You’re Dead” moves from frenetically quick to haunting and sinister alternating between the light and the dark—giddy and gorgeous one minute and spooky the next. But it’s never boring or morbid and the album is amazingly cohesive for all of its tempo changes like all of the best progressive rock and jazz albums of yesteryear.

You're Dead! by Flying Lotus
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