To Pimp A Butterfly By Kendrick Lamar

By Bdog

An album which absolutely dominated 2015 year end lists, “Butterfly” feels like the descendant of masterpieces like “Songs In The Key Of Life”, “Maggot Brain” or “There’s A Riot Goin’ On” by artists who transcended both Funk and black music in general.

Like Stevie/Sly/Funkadelic, Kendrick is bigger than one genre though “Butterfly” could only be made by a black artist and is a needed statement during a time of much racial unrest and turmoil. Kendrick waxes philosophically on fame, wealth, drugs, sex, politics and race- always questioning and never sparing America’s power structure, but also unafraid to point his finger at his own community as well as himself.

Kendrick remains perhaps the best technical rapper in the game while “Butterfly” transcends its genre- it’s as much a jazz and funk album as a rap album. “To Pimp A Butterfly” is one of the best albums of the decade thus far.

To Pimp A Butterfly By Kendrick Lamar
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