Syro by Aphex Twin

By Bdog

‘Syro’ is consistently great from beginning to end—it can get you both disappearing inside your headphones or grooving out on the dance floor.

“Syro” was one of the few event albums of 2014. Though Richard D. James had been making music all along under different aliases “Syro” is his first release since 2001’s poorly received “Drukgs” as Aphex Twin. And Aphex Twin is the originator. The God of all things techno. Luckily, “Syro” doesn’t disappoint.

Though I’m sure many of his bigger fans would disagree it’s probably my favorite of his albums overall and though it features no obvious anthems like “Windowlicker” or “Come To Daddy” it’s consistently great from beginning to end, and it can get you both disappearing inside your headphones and grooving out- if not on the dance floor then at least fanatically tapping your feet at your desk.

Maybe the best thing about “Syro” is what a pleasurable listening experience it is—every track is very melodic and even the lengthiest tracks seem to speed by. The album never wavers or feels like a slog and at the very end you get his beautiful minimalist piano piece, which also hardly disappoints.

Syro by Aphex Twin
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