St. Vincent by St. Vincent

By Bdog

St. Vincent’s Annie Clark absolutely shreds on electric guitar, but does so in a controlled, robotic way showing us that the art, the music and the theatrics are all part of a well-orchestrated package.

“St. Vincent” is an all killer no filler record. Every song is very good to great. “Birth In Reverse” and “Digital Witness”, the first two singles, are my favorite tracks and likely the most radio ready, but slower tracks like “I Prefer Your Love”, “Regret” and the much discussed “Rattlename”, where Annie outran a snake while alone and naked in nature, are nearly as good. It’s still up for debate whether or not “St. Vincent” tops her last great album, 2011’s “Strange Mercy”, but even with a lack of true heavy hitters at the top this year, it was still a pretty easy choice for #1.

St. Vincent by St. Vincent
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