One Weekend In: Pittsburgh

By Chad Carns

Top 10 food and drink destinations to visit in Pittsburgh if you could only stay for one weekend.  

So you have only one weekend to soak up all the steel city libation and foodie culture that is making Pittsburgh a destination city for unpretentious food and drink seekers. Our list of top 10 food and drink destination spots will give you a taste of why foodies travel across the country to visit Pittsburgh and keep coming back.



Fancy hotel brunch just got a little more interesting at this Pittsburgh landmark. Stop #1: Stop by before noon to munch on fresh local produce and quality meat from Pittsburgh Steelers stud D-lineman turned farm manager. Chris Hoke unbuckled his chin strap...
Golden Brown Whisky on the rocks


Taste small-batch local whiskeys in downtown Pittsburgh Stop #2: Speaking of drinking...You’re drinking Rye. Why? Because Pittsburgh invented it (we heard). Rye is to Pittsburgh like Bourbon is to Kentucky. Other cities produce Rye but our sources tell us...


Pittsburgh’s answer to Mexican street food with a local twist. Stop #3 Yes! I want more of everything. You might need three visits to wrap your head around the menu at Tako. It’s Pittsburgh’s twist on Mexican food. Hyper-local. Super delicious. Go...

Or, The Whale

Fancy Date Night spot featuring fresh seafood at Distrikt Hotel Pittsburgh Stop #4 Wow! 1999 called and asked what Or, The Whale did with Pittsburgh. So much has change in 20 years. This downtown open-concept colossal seafood eatery takes date-night to a...

The Warren

Low maintenance easy-drinking bar with a serious cocktail program Stop #5 So much has changed in Pittsburgh and others just stay happily planted in the past. No, I’m not taking about a mullet. I’m taking about a great bar! And Pittsburgh has some of...

Meat & Potatoes

When your favorite bar and restaurant meet inside of 4 walls. Stop #6 Speaking of bars, do you know which city has the best bars in the world? It’s Pittsburgh. Try to prove me wrong. And what makes Pittsburgh a great bar city? It’s Space. You need...

Butcher & The Rye

Creative cocktails, rare whiskeys and delicious savory menu.  Stop #7 So you like whiskey. A lot. You tried most whiskeys and you want to try something new. Butcher & The Rye is your next stop. Skip the tiny bar and head straight upstairs to the...


Under-the-radar celebrity cocktail lounge in downtown Pittsburgh. Stop #8 So you need a break from all the day drinking. Follow The Shinning inspired hallway all the way to the end. You will find a hidden room that will make you say, Here’s Johnny! Sip on...

Tina’s Bar

Local Pittsburgh bar will make tourists feel like they were born in Allegheny General Hospital after they leave. Stop #9 You know you’re a local when you pop your head into Tina’s Bar, located in a hipster neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh called...

Merchant Oyster Co.

Fresh oysters, local draft beers and outdoor seating in the heart Bloomfield. Stop #10 Every food city needs a great oyster bar so we give you, Merchant Oyster Co. A huge selection of fresh oysters greet you at the door while you make your way to a long...

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