Top 5 IPA Bars: Greenwich Village

By Chad Carns

We searched dozens of craft brew pubs, trendy restaurants, cafes, sports bars, dive bars, burger joints–basically any destination that serves a great IPA craft beer–around Greenwich Village, New York for the best IPA Bar.

Our search for the best IPA Bar  begins on Houston Street just north of TriBeca in NYC’s Greenwich Village. Take the NYC Subway 1 train to Houston Street Stop.

Brooklyn is producing some of the best craft beers in United States right now. The Brooklyneer pours many of these local craft beers in a very chill space. It’s the perfect bar in a slightly remote location. Bushwick White IPA by Braven‬ is the perfect IPA to start to get us hoppy.

Next door to Brooklyneer is an out of the way German beer bar. Houston Hall is like a frat party with great TVs. I’m guessing some IDs are being scanned for the first time here. If you’re 30-40 something you might feel like Will Farrell in Old School. Just don’t go streaking down Varick Street. We have more IPAs to drink.

Walk north a few blocks to Bleecker Street and you will find Bakery and Company, a new locals hang out with excellent seasonal dishes and craft beer. It’s a restaurant (not a bar) so be good. The bar manager is very knowledgeable about the beers. So call him over and try IPA Singlecut Billy Half-Stack from Queens. You will find Instant Credibility IPA  at Arts and Craft Beer Parlor and De Ranke XX Bitter IPA at 124 Rabbit Club.





The Brooklyneer

The Brooklyneer features a wide assemblage of "Made-in-Brooklyn" food and drink products that showcase the thriving artisans living & working in Brooklyn. The Brooklyneer’s goal is to bring Manhattan the newly emerging food & drink artisans from...
Houston Hall

Houston Hall

Houston Hall ales and lagers are brewed by Greenpoint Beer Works, which was first established to produce all beer for Heartland Brewery. Houston Hall is like a frat party with great TVs. I’m guessing some IDs are being scanned for the first time here. If...
Instant Credibility IPA by Greenpoint

Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor

The Arts and Crafts Movement was a cultural revolt against the ideals of industrialization. Like the movement, the concept at Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor is a revolt against the standard New York City Sports Bar, with its loud music and sports being played...

124 Rabbit Club

124 Rabbit Club is everything you love about a great dive bar without the cheap swill. Approach the craft beer menu at 124 Rabbit Club like you would a great wine menu at Carbone or any other special-occasion destination spot. Because these wines are meant...

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