Nikki Nack by Tune-yards

By Bdog

“Nikki Nack” by Tune-yards is a bit more slowed down and more accessible than previous album “Who Kill”, which makes it less in-your-face surprising.

I guess no longer being an underdog has unfortunately made Merril Gaubus’s Tune-Yards a bit of an after thought. After her second album “Who Kill” very surprisingly placed #1 on the very influential 2011 Village Voice Pazz & Jop poll the stakes were raised for this strange, experimental band.

And though “Nikki Nack” was hardly slagged in the press this year it was rarely found on top ten lists either. Judging from the high quality of the music on “Nikki Nack” this seems to be too much of an overcorrection (even though I only have it #20). Tune-Yards once again combines post-punk, funk, musical theater and African rhythms to produce one of the most eclectic and unique sounds this decade. Though hardly fit for modern radio consumption, the music can be very hooky in all of its oddity. Tracks “Wait A Minute” and “Water Fountain” are two of their best yet and “Nikki Nack” has far more hits than misses.

Nikki Nack by Tune-yards
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