LP1 by FKA twigs

By Bdog

FKA Twig’s music is a futuristic take on R&B with a nod to past Hip Hop/R&B artists and producers like Timbaland and Aaliyah as well as former 90’s trip hop acts like Portishead & Bjork.

She whispers in a high pitched coo reminiscent of Kate Bush highly suggestive lyrics like “I can fuck you better than her” but they sound more lonely or mysterious than they sound like a come on. The beats are icy, skeletal & psychedelic. It will be fascinating to see what this album sounds like in a few years. Will it change music by creating a slew of imitators or will it stand apart as a weird but awesome anamoly?

LP1 by FKA twigs
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Dinner Party8
Hook Up 10
Party Album 5

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