Instant Credibility IPA by Greenpoint

By Chad Carns

Instant Credibility by Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co will blow you away!

This is what drinking hoppy IPAs is all about. Actually, this is what drinking beer is all about. You taste hops the second the bowl touches your month. The hops get bigger and bigger with every second. But that’s not all. Instant Credibility is perfectly balance so with every fiery hop that’s jetting out of your ears and nostrils by now, strong malty and fruity notes will complement the hops like a great rhythm section rounds a screechy electric guitar.

Instant Credibility IPA by Greenpoint
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Chad Carns
Founder / Food & Drink Editor

Chad Carns put his Digital Creative Director job on hold to follow his passion for food, wine and culture downtown to Greenwich Village where he wrote, designed and independently published The Gourmet Bachelor, a trendy cookbook featuring easy recipes for two. Carns studied culinary arts and wine at prestigious institutions in NYC. He is a distinguished guest judge at International Culinary Center, certified Tuscan Wine Master and Founder / Food and Drink Editor of The Gourmet Bachelor.

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