TGB Features

From NYC hot spots to that local neighborhood joint, our talented short list of industry insiders will select a unique restaurant, bar, gourmet shop, beverage, new music, uncommon travel destination or specialty product that stands out from the rest.

A feature on TGB means that we consider your business or product to represent the top 1% in your category.


best restaurant, best bar, best beer, best wine, best whiskey, best spirit, best artist, best album, best resort, best hotel, best car, best product


TGB Pick

1 out of 5 featured businesses or products on TGB earn the “TGB Pick” designation. This honor indicates that the business or product scored a perfect 10 on Innovation, Quality, Experience, Value and Originality.


TGB Process

We ask a business to provide a complimentary sample of their product for an opportunity to be featured on TGB. Media dinners for editorial consideration typically include appetizer, entree, dessert and drinks for two. No favoritism is given to restaurants that shower us with expensive wine or whiskey. A complimentary dinner or product does not guaranteed a feature. We truly appreciate the free sample and we know that our SEO score will go up if we post more stuff but that’s just not what TGB is about.

Our criteria for a feature is based on Innovation, Quality, Experience, Value and Originality. Businesses and products that rank very high on these five categories receive a feature on TGB.

Money is never accepted for a feature. That’s is why we have Advertising.