Butcher & The Rye


Creative cocktails, rare whiskeys and delicious savory menu.

Stop #7:

So you like whiskey. A lot. You tried most whiskeys and you want to try something new. Butcher & The Rye is your next stop. Skip the tiny bar and head straight upstairs to the second-floor bar. You will be greeted by a red fox ? with sunglasses. Say hi. It’s Pittsburgh. They like to stuff things here. You will want to stuff things too…like as many scallops and crabmeat risotto into your whiskey-marinated mouth.

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The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook set the standard for a simple approach to date-night recipes with a global twist. TheGourmetBachelor.com brings this same idea to a 1-stop digital destination for simple home cooking, wine, craft beer and whiskey tasting, new music, travel, style and under-the-radar NYC nightlife.

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