NYC’s Best Cold Brews

By Chad Carns

Top spots in New York City to grab a gourmet cold brew coffee based on unique flavor, complexity and overall taste.

Cold Brew coffee has been taking off lately. Serious coffee shops in New York now offer a version of this chilled-out pick-me-up. But not all are created equal. Actually most cold brews that I tasted kinda suck.

I want to remember a cold brew coffee like I remember a great glass of wine. The flavor should stand out. It shouldn’t just taste like coffee or worse, it shouldn’t taste like really bitter concentrated black stuff. And this stuff is expensive!

What is Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is produced by placing ground coffee in a vessel of water to steep. I like to brew mine at room temperature. It should never touch a traditional coffee machine or be exposed to heat. My recipe>


When a beverage gets cold

the flavor profile changes.


Tasting Cold Brew Coffee

Without breaking out the notes from wine tasting courses I completed, you should know one thing about tasting beverages, in general: When a beverage gets cold the flavor profile changes. Your favorite hot coffee will totally fall apart at an ice-cold temperature.

That’s why a great Bordeaux is recommended to drink around 61 degrees fahrenheit. Too cold and the subtle flavors are masked. Too warm and you’re overwhelmed with tannin. So the cold brewista should understand how the ice cold temperature will change the flavor profile of the finished product.

Our Process

I sampled dozens of cold brews this summer, mainly around Greenwich Village and SoHo (that’s where I work and live). I drink my cold brew black over a full glass of ice but if it is on point, you can drink it any way you want. All of my picks will taste great with milk, sweetener or natural flavoring. The beverage is balanced. That’s all we are looking for in our tastings (and in life): balance.

We try to feature slightly under-the-radar finds at The Gourmet Bachelor and we also pick a couple trendy new hot spots that are worth the hype. Tweet out your favorite cold brew spot with hashtag #TGBColdBrew and we will try to stop by for a taste.


NYC’s Best Cold Brews:


Porto Rico Importing Company

Porto Rico Importing Company Cold Brew Coffee is a great find. They have been in business right on Bleecker Street since 1907. The Cold Brew mix is blended on premise from a huge selection of imported coffee beans. And the costs is only $2.25! Every New...

About Coffee

About Coffee Cold Brew starts with Gimme “The Natural Blend” coffee beans from Ethiopia. Strong fruity berries notes gently flow into a pleasant light cocoa finish. About Coffee steeps the Cold Brew for only 14 hours at room temperature to avoid those...

Kopi Kopi

Named after the Indonesian word for coffee, Kopi Kopi is a specialty coffee shop with a unique ambiance and a carefully curated selection of artisanal coffee. Kopi Kopi’s cold brew coffee beans are sourced from Sumatra, Indonesia then roasted in Brooklyn....
Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

A complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish. Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee starts with high quality coffee, typically Latin American beans, and cold brew it without heat for over 12 hours, then use a double filtration process to...

Summer’s Coffee

Summer's menu was inspired by both New York classics and light healthy California bites. They source the freshest fruits and veggies, utilizing as many local ingredients as possible. The juices are cold pressed and bottled in house. Like all Devoción...

Gasoline Alley

Gasoline Alley Coffee is about serving premium artisanal coffee, in a fast paced environment, consistently, with unapologetic enthusiasm and friendliness. They wanted to create a simple but well designed environment that had a good vibe that people enjoyed...

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