By Chad Carns

Beefeater gin is a born and bred Londoner.

Beefeater is your classic London Dry gin with botanicals like juniper, lemon peel and angelica root that produce a very dry and crisp gin perfect for a creative cocktail or delicious dirty martini.

Created by James Burrough in the 1800s, Beefeater is the only international premium distilled gin that is produced in the center of London. Even the name Beefeater has its roots in the city. Inspired by the yeoman warders – also known as Beefeaters – who have always stood watch at the Tower of London.

The original recipe devised by James Burrough has stood the test of time and Beefeater has become the most awarded gin for the last 10 years.

Beefeater’s recipe has changed little since the days of James Burrough. Beefeater’s crisp, clean, well balanced flavour is still derived from 100% natural ingredients, known as the botanicals, brought to the London Distillery from all over the world.

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Juniper 7
Citrus 7
Fruity 8
Earthy 2
Spicy 7
Body 3

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