Where foodies find quick and easy date night recipes by Chad Carns (The Gourmet Bachelor author), basic cooking tips, artisan beer, wine, whiskey, fine spirit and essential tasting guide, latest NYC hot spot or local neighborhood joint, new music, uncommon travel destination, must-have speciality product all artfully selected by a short list of talented industry insiders—and a way to save “Your Picks” with just one click.


Date Night Recipes for two

Digital creative director by day, home cook by night, Chad Carns put his day job on hold to follow 
his passion for food, wine and culture downtown to Greenwich Village (New York) where he studied global cooking and wine at top NYC institutions and later wrote, designed and independently published The Gourmet Bachelor Cookbook, a trendy cookbook featuring quick & easy date night recipes for two.

TGB Cookbook sold out—but instead of writing another book, Carns put his digital design hat back on to share his recipes in whole new way.


Under-the-Radar Eats

We will feature some of our favorite hot new restaurants but other food blogs do a great with that. Our focus will be on under-the-radar finds, local neighborhood joints, late night eats and that place across the street from the most trendy restaurant. The vibe is friendly and unpretentious. The food and drinks are delicious and if the dinner costs more than a car payment, you know why.


So you like to drink

We will feature our favorite new trendy bars but other food blogs do a great job with that. Our focus will be on under-the-radar bars, local neighborhood joints, undiscovered finds and the place where local celebrities go not to be seen. The vibe is friendly and unpretentious. The food and drinks are delicious and if you pay $20 for a cocktail, you know why.


What is tannin? How hoppy do you want it? 
What makes a bourbon a bourbon

Our flavor profile charts will make tasting wine, craft beer and whiskey easy. 
Do you love hops but hate tannins? See at a glance which craft beers have tons 
of hops. Like your whisky Peaty? Try Compass Box’s Peat Monster Blended Scotch Whisky. It’s a “10” on the Peat Scale.


New music paired with bourbon and sneakers

We love new music as much as we love food and drinks.
That’s why we’re going to post a new slightly under-the-radar album 
each week and pair it with a TGB recipe, drink, 
travel destinations or style pick.


Slightly under-the-radar foodie destinations

Our travel writers will feature a luxury resort, farm house, camping spot 
and everything in between. Like most of our picks, we’re going to focus 
on under-the-radar destinations around the world that cater 
to the gourmet bachelor lifestyle.


Life-changing products or just a fun gift idea

To round out the gourmet bachelor lifestyle, we’re featuring everything from our favorite cooking gadgets, shoes, hair care products, sports cars, tech and more.


Celebrity Interviews, Expert Tips & Special Events

This is when it starts to get fun. We will interview celebrities and share 
gourmet lifestyle tips from unlikely experts. You will learn where to go 
for a “Gourmet” Happy Hour and which music streaming 
service is the best.