A Bachelor’s Championship Golf Weekend

By Chad Carns

I recently experienced an absolutely perfect weekend of golf, drinks, and dining while I visited Baha Mar and Ocean Club in Nassau, Bahamas, Paradise Island.


I stayed at Atlantis Resort, conveniently located between Baha Mar and Ocean Club Golf Courses. Atlantis offers a complimentary 5-minute shuttle bus to Ocean Club Golf Course which leaves every 20 minutes. A 1-minute taxi ride to Baha Mar costs around $30.


Play Baha Mar after you land

if you plan to stay at Atlantis.

It’s on the way to the resort!



BaHa Mar Resort

BaHa Mar Resort

I am definitely a newbie to championship-level golf courses. I picked up golf about 8 years ago and started to play more seriously last year. I played a few dozen courses and score mid-90s on a good day. You will definitely want to bring your A-game to either course.



Baha Mar vs. Ocean Club

I feel like the best way to share my experience from both courses is to compare each course with several key topics. I highly recommend both courses but if you can only choose one, I hope my comparisons can help guide your decision.


It’s funny, I penciled in a lower score at Ocean Club but l think the copious amounts of liquid “courage” I consumed over at Baha Mar may have influenced my high score a bit. More on that later.

Ocean Club felt more challenging to me, however, both courses present significant challenges.

“Water Ball” seemed to be the ongoing theme at Baha Mar where the deep funnel-like narrow sand traps seemed to pop up like Swiss cheese on most holes over at Ocean Club. Greens seemed more undulated and challenging at Ocean Club as opposed to a more predictable read at Baha Mar.

Avoid water at Ocean Club

by hitting irons from the tees.

You can easily reach the green in two.


Hands down Ocean Club is one of the most naturally beautiful golf courses I ever played. You just can’t replicate this course. The beach, gentle ocean and majestic layout remind me of staying at St Regis overwater bungalows in Bora Bora. Pictures and words cannot capture the pure beauty of this pristine landscape. I stopped for a minute or two to take it all in at hole 4.

Ocean Club Golf Course

Ocean Club Golf Course



Both resorts offer the highest level of service. Baha Mar edges out Ocean Club for me. Service is more than doing everything well. It’s about personality and character. The vibe at Baha Mar feels like my favorite neighborhood bar back in NYC, albeit a super fancy neighborhood bar. I feel like I met a few good friends at Baha Mar. Ocean Club has more of a traditional country club vibe.


Baha Mar Golf Course

Baha Mar Golf Course

Grounds Quality 

Ocean Club and Baha Mar will rival the best championship courses you watch on your super HD TV. It’s hard to pick a winner but I’m going with Baha Mar.

The fairways had this flawless silky green smooth look and feel. Baha Mar is absolutely remarkable. It’s unreal. No divots or inconsistencies. I think I was the only golfer to make a divot that day!

The rough at Baha Mar looked better than some fairways I play back in Long Island!

Baha Mar Golf Course

Baha Mar Golf Course


Honestly, you are not playing these courses for the dining experience. I ordered a turkey club at both clubhouse restaurants. Both menus seemed to offer similar fare. It’s what you would expect from a high-end resort — fresh and acceptable.

Ocean Club edges out Baha Mar in the dining category because, after a round of golf, you can take a short shuttle to experience Jean George’s Asian-Caribbean masterpiece Dune for an ultimate dining experience.

Ocean Club Dining

Ocean Club Dining



Hands down Baha Mar is the place to go for a fun, upbeat day of championship golf and Caribbean cocktials with buddies or a couples retreat. The bar is lively and drinks keep flowing.  The staff will make an ice-cold island rum punch to take with you on your round. If you’re nice, they might even refill it. Ocean Club’s bar is more chill. You will want to take a quick shuttle to Dune’s luxury beach bar if you play a round at Ocean Club.


Other Golfers

I met extremely friendly golfers on both courses. Golf play moved quickly. Baha Mar golfers seemed more youthful than many mature golfers over at Ocean Club but this was obviously based on one day.



Both resorts offer exceptional equipment. Ocean Club stocks the latest Calloway gear while Baha Mar offerers Calloway, TaylorMade, Ping, PX and more.


Final Take

You will enjoy the highest level of fun-packed luxury golf at Baha Mar and Ocean Club. If you want to meet up with buddies or book a romantic getaway with your significant other, both courses will exceed the expectations of any golfers at any level!

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.52.10 PM

Baha Mar

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Ocean Club Golf Course

Ocean Club

It’s funny, almost every hole touches water but my ball only found water on hole 16. Another par 3 180 yards. What is it about par 3 water holes?? I changed up my strategy a bit at Ocean Club and drove with 5-6-irons from most tees. OCEAN CLUB GOLF...

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