TGB Top 10 Albums

By Bdog

You just landed on Earth and you want to hear the 10 best albums right now!

TGB 10 Best Albums Right Now is a list of our favorite albums that released within the past year or so. Each album captures a unique sound and perspective on American culture right now. We cover Indie, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Country, Folk and more. In short, we love these albums and want you to give them a listen!


Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples

“Big Fish Theory” is the second full-length (to go along with two standout EP’s) album for the Long Beach, California based rapper, further cementing Staples status as one of the young shining lights of modern hip-hop.  Like Kendrick Lamar, Staples is...
DAMN by Kendric Lamar

DAMN by Kendrick Lamar

  Kendrick Lamar is the most exciting and inspired artist in music today.  After 2015’s world conquering, heavily jazz & funk-influenced “To Pimp A Butterfly,” Lamar with “Damn” brings the focus back towards pure rap, but “Damn” is...

Masseduction by St. Vincent

Fifth full-length album by singer-songwriter & wunderkind guitarist Annie Clark (As St. Vincent) is one of 2017’s best albums.  Like two of her heroes, David Byrne & David Bowie, Clark is never content to rest on her laurels, stretching her writing...

A Deeper Understanding by the War On Drugs

The fourth album finds Philadelphia’s The War On Drugs really settling into a groove after 2014’s incredibly well received “Lost In The Dream”.  With a sound and production deeply indebted to mid-eighties Boomer-rock (think “Avalon”-era Roxy...

Sleep Well Beast by The National

The seventh album by gloomy Brooklyn dads, The National, is to my ears their best since “Boxer”.  The National rock harder here on a few tracks than usual giving “Beast” an energy and urgency not quite there on their still very good last few prior...

Melodrama by Lorde

Twenty year old, precociously talented Lorde follows up her wildly successful debut album (2013’s “Pure Heroine”) with “Melodrama”, which is five times better than her pretty great debut- an album which simultaneously shows major music growth, is a...
I See You by The xx

I See You by The XX

Third album and first since 2012’s “Coexist,” “I See You” is both an improvement on that record and a step forward for this talented London trio.  While maintaining the group’s signature smooth, sultry sound the xx incorporates elements from DJ...
“In Mind” sounds unmistakably like Real Estate, the group does rock out a bit more than on prior album

In Mind by Real Estate

Fourth full-length by Northern Jersey bred indie jangle pop act is another winner, making a strong if subtle case that Real Estate is one of the best and most consistent rock groups of this decade.  Founding guitarist Matt Mondanile has left the group and...
24K Magic by Bruno Mars

24K Magic by Bruno Mars

  Multi-talented singer, songwriter & producer Bruno Mars takes the template from the biggest hit of his career- his collaboration with Mark Ronson “Uptown Funk,” and runs with it on his third and most enjoyable album yet.  “24K Magic”...

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